Amateur Radio

Amateur or Ham Radio is the only hobby required by Federal Law to be available if called on during an emergency.  

Ham Radio started as a by product of the invention of the radio.  The first frequencies set aside for amateur use by the U.S. government was in 1927. 

bulletCurrently hold Extra Class Amateur Radio License K9KQB
bulletAmerican Radio Relay League Affiliated Club Coordinator for State of Illinois
bulletMember McHenry County Amateur Radio Emergency Services 
bulletFormer President of McHenry County Wireless Association 
bulletFormer Vice President of McHenry County Wireless Association 

Operating Activities:

bulletAdvisor to local Salvation Post on Amateur Radio
bulletAssist in Bicycle club events driving SAG (Support And Gear) vehicles that are dispatched via Ham Radio
bulletAssist with March of Dimes and Multiple Sclerosis Walks or Rides.
bulletAPRS (Automatic Position Reporting System)  a system that connects the output of a GPS (Global Positioning System) unit to a VHF transceiver with an TNC (Terminal Node Controller) built in.  This system outputs the coordinates from the GPS unit in real time to the internet via the transceiver  (over radio waves).  You can see the results by clicking on "Find K9KQB" in the upper right hand corner of this page.
bulletTeaching Amateur Radio classes